Your Overseas Retirement Calculator

Don't stop dreaming and planning for your future. The current global crisis won't last, and the best thing to do with your time right now is think ahead. Where and when will you retire? Let us help.

For more than 40 years, International Living has been the leading source for intelligence about the world's best places to retire…spots where the sun shines more often, you can live safely and happily, and the overall cost of living is far lower than it is at home. In these great-value places, you really can enjoy 'the Good Life on a Social Security income'.

Based on your age, savings, and projected annual retirement income, our quick-and-easy (and free) Overseas Retirement Calculator will point you to your best global retirement destinations. And don't worry. It's totally anonymous. We won't ask for your name or contact information.

Let's Get Started

How old are you?

Knowing this will help calculate how far your income and savings will go in certain locations.

How much do you expect to have in savings when you retire?

Combined with your annual income, this will help determine how far your money will go in the best overseas destinations.

How it Works

Our Overseas Retirement Calculator is based on the "50:30:20 rule," which allocates 50% of your income toward necessities, such as housing and bills. After that, 30% can be allocated to your wants, including dining, entertainment, travel, and so on. The final 20% can go toward financial goals, such as savings and paying off debt.

It is also assumed that you have, in savings, an amount that matches the total annual cost of living for a specific location. (In other words, if the cost of living is $20,000 a year, that's how much you should have in savings before you consider retiring there.)